1. How do I book a bin?

Just call Rob at 0419 391 956 to book a bin. A 24 hour notice is preferred to ensure the bin of your choice is available.

2. What bin size do I need?

It depends on what you intend to put in the bin. Rob will be more than happy to discuss what bin size will be most appropriate for your requirements. See Gallery page for more details on bin sizes.

3. When and where can I have a bin delivered?

We deliver bins from Monday to Saturday. We can arrange for the bin to be dropped off in the driveway or backyard without any permit fees depending on logistics and surroundings. We will make sure the bin will not inconvenient others. A Council permit is mandatory for bins placed on the road or nature strip.

4. How do I pay for the bin?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Cheque.

5. Are there any extra charges?

There are extra charges for mattresses, rubber materials and tyres.

6. Can I specify a delivery or pick-up time for the bin?

Yes, under normal circumstances we can deliver your bin at a specified time. However during peak periods (weekends, holidays etc), our bins run out much faster. Hence we may not be able to meet specific demands and as such it is advisable to book your bins early.

7. Do you deliver bins to all suburbs?

As our yard is based in Eltham, we usually deliver to surrounding suburbs within a 20km radius. However, special arrangements can be made. Just give us a call.

8. Can I put a mixed load in the bin?

Yes, you are allowed to put mixed loads in bins. However please note that extra charges may apply depending on what the mixed loads contain.

9. What happens if I overload the bin?

Trucks are not allowed to carry bins that have waste above the sides of the bins, all bins must be able to be tied down safe and secure manner. If the bin is overloaded you will have the option to take the waste off the top on the bin to the bin is level or you can get another bin delivered at the normal hire price.

10. How long can I hire the bin for?

The prices quoted on this website are for a hire time of up to 3 days. See Pricing page for further information.

11. If I want the bin longer, are the additional charges?

The normal hire time is 1-3 days, any longer than this will incur an extra charge of $20 per day.

12. What if Iā€™m not finished with the bin by the pick up date?

If you are not finished and need to extend your hire duration, just give us a call to arrange a new pick up date. Extra charges may apply.

13. What happens to my waste once my bin has been collected?

We recycle as much waste as possible, and dispose of non-recyclable rubbish at tips in the local area.

14. What if I finish filling the bin earlier than the organised pick up date?

Just call us and we will organise a truck to pick up the bin as soon as possible.